Sunday, February 13

New hair! Tobi

Hope everyone enjoys this! It took me a while to make and release :D
Name: Tobi
200L just like the rest
Comes in all 14 colors!

Sunday, January 30

Coming soon - Stretched ears

Ive been working countless hours to get these done. Im currently looking for a scripter to script a hud to make these customizable. Please be patient.

These will come in so far 4 sizes, and I may add more shortly.

I hope to have these released sometime early Feb.

Wednesday, January 26

New hair- The Nick

Just released this hair today. I was in the mood to make a medium shaggy styled hair, and this is what I have to give to you. Enjoy :]

Saturday, January 8

New hair: The Josh

This is an update from Drot. New hair is now available ( The Josh ).

Further news, Im working on some clothing. No promises, but I hope to release some new jeans in the near future.

Wednesday, December 29

The Kenji: New Release!

New hair now available at Drot! Comes in all the old colors: and apparently I'm colored blind, (not really) Because my reds are orange, my blacks are grey, and my browns are red! On that note, I have managed to fix the black and tint it darker. But unfortunately reds and browns remain the same. ENJOY!

Wednesday, December 8

The Jordan

2 Posts in 1 day! Yikes! Anyhow, this is the newest release from Drot. It's called "the Jordan" and it comes in all colors! The default hat color is Grey, but you can easily "Edit linked parts" and make it any color you wish. (The original color of the hat is white, so if youd like it to go white, you may do so.)

Hope everyone likes this style! It's on sale at Drot!


Hey everyone! Sorry I have been lazy, but this hair has been released for a few days now! Ive been too lazy to blog it. But here it is! It comes in all usual colors that I sell. Stop by and snag yourself a copy!

Friday, December 3

Jeremy 2.0

This is a modified/Flattened version of "The Jeremy" I worked on it a few days ago, but I am just now getting around to putting it for sale. It comes in all 10 colors, as usual. Go check it out at Drot!

Wednesday, November 17

The Jeremy

Hey everyone, just released "The Jeremy". Its basically a clean version of the Andy. (Or a faux hawk). Hope everyone enjoys!

Tuesday, November 16


Hey everyone, sorry for the late post. As of yesterday 11/15/10, I opened my shop with just 2 hairs inside of it. I will sell and release as I make products, please again be patient with me as I am very busy working on SL and RL at the moment.

Here is a landmark to the store if anyone is interested!

Sunday, November 14

The Andy

Today I managed to accomplish 2 hairs. This here "The Andy" is the second one finished today (See earlier post for other hair). I have yet to make other colors of this hair besides the one you see now (Dark brown). I plan on doing this shortly. Im still working towards getting enough products out to open a shop, but until then be patient and Ill give updates as I go along.

The Steven

Hey everyone! Just finished a new hairstyle called "The Steven". I used my new textures and I am more than pleased with the way they turned out.

The hairstyle currently comes in all colors but is not released yet. I plan on releasing and opening my shop fully by the end of this month, so if you can hang in there with me until then it would be much appreciated.

Saturday, November 13

DROT Hair Colors

This is a preview of the colors that are soon to come to DROT.

These textures were made from scratch so anyone caught with these textures, I will know they are mine. Please don't steal. (It's frowned upon.)

Drot - Opening

Drot is a secondlife business that will be selling male hair (because the game lacks it) I will be using this blog to keep documentation of hair being made and to let people know when new items are going to be released.

Currently I just finished making hair textures that include.

Brown, blonde, blue, green, red, pink, silver, dark brown, black. and purple.

I will upload photos shortly.